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History of St. Andrew's

During the spring of 1894, a small group, who were members of St. Paul’s Cathedral, met in the home of Mrs. Katie Easton on Kenyon Avenue to discuss the possibility of organizing a mission for black people.  After several meetings, the Venerable George Edwards, then Archdeacon, met with this group and gave them assistance in the formation on St. Andrew’s Mission.  St. Andrew’s was admitted into the union with the Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio on February 8, 1895.  Under the leadership of the Rt. Rev. Boyd Vincent, Bishop of Southern Ohio, the Rev. George Alexander McGuire was called to be the first Minister-in-Charge of St. Andrew’s Mission, arriving October 11, 1895.  The acquisition of a place of worship was the greatest problem confronting this new venture. 

The first home was in the Chapel of the Mason’s Hall at George and John Streets.  The Rev. McGuire tendered his resignation January 30, 1899, for the rectorship of St. Phillips, Richmond, Virginia.  As the months passed, the Rev. George Bundy was appointed Priest-in-Chare, and a permanent home for the congregation was secured on the northeast corner of Eighth and Mound Streets.  The Rev. Bundy remained until 1908.  On August 1, 1908, the Rev. Roger C. James became Priest-in-Charge and remained until 1910.  In October 1912, the Rev. Edmund H. Oxley, became the new Priest-in-Charge and he remained at St. Andrew’s until his retirement in 1957.  Under his leadership, a new church building was erected and on Whitsunday, 1915, the cornerstone was laid for the semi-gothic structure accommodating 550 people.

In 1937, St. Andrew’s was admitted into the union with the Convention of the diocese of Southern Ohio as a parish, and the Rev. Edmund H. Oxley became its first Rector.  In January 1958, the Rev. St. Julian A. Simpkins became the second Rector of St. Andrew’s.  He came during a period of transition when the church relocated due to the City’s urban renewal and expressway program.

The parish, with Diocesan guidance, purchased the present building from the Evanston Baptist Church, to which it moved in the fall of 1960.  On October 21, 1963, the building was dedicated to the service of the parishioners of St. Andrew’s.  In June 1964, St. Andrew’s lost its Rector, who resigned to become Canon for Inner City Work in the Diocese of Rochester.  On December 1, 1964, the Rev. Richard Hicks, Jr. became the Rector and remained until May 1967, at which time he resigned to become the Rector of St. Phillips, San, Antonio, Texas.  The Rev. Charles Miller became the re new Rector of St. Andrew’s Parish on January 1968, and resigned in September 1970 to become a full-time Chaplain at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati, but he continued to serve as a Supply Priest until January 1973.  On February 1, 1973, the Rev. Wilson H. Willard, Jr. became the fifth Rector of St. Andrew’s.  He served until September 1991, when he was appointed Canon of Ministry of the Diocese of Southern Ohio.  The Rev. Andrew MacAoidh Jergens was called to be Interim Rector and served until September 1993. 

On December 15, 1993, the Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr. became the sixth Rector of St. Andrew’s.  In October 1999, the people of the Diocese of Michigan recognized the dynamic potential of Rev. Gibbs and elected him to become their tenth bishop.  In 1999, the Rev. Thomas Shaver served as Interim Rector.  In 2000, the Rev. Brian A. Jemmott served as supply priest until 2002 when the Rev. Stephen Applegate served as Interim Rector.  In October 2003, Rev. Applegate resigned to become Rector of St. Luke’s in Granville, OH.  In October 2003, the Rev. Gerald S. Collins became the seventh Rector of St. Andrew’s until his resignation in February 2005.  Supply priests served St. Andrew’s until August 2005 when the Rev. Stockton Wulsin became Interim Rector.  In December 2006, Fr. Wulsin became the eighth Rector of St. Andrew’s and served until September 2010.  Supply priests served St. Andrew’s until July 2011 when Fr. Angelo Puopolo became Interim Rector.


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